Pilates Could Do More than Strengthen Tone and Stretch

Pilates can do more ...Your Pilates practice could do a little more than just strengthen, tone and stretch your body.

The timing of the new year and launching my web site is a great way to start off 2014. The fact I am writing this post signifies the progress made in 2013 and the impact Pilates has had on my life. I still sit back, take deep breaths and cannot believe that this is my ‘job’. The motivation and inspiration I receive from my clients, the changes in their bodies and the improvement in their over all well being is amazing. The impact Pilates has had on my physical and emotional health as well as the relationships developed, have created a dream lifestyle. I am in madly in love with my role as a instructor. I love what I do. In this blog, I want to share my Pilates lifestyle- great food, traveling, nature, creativity and yes, all things Pilates.

New years resolutions. Is Pilates on the list of to do’s, along with other goals and resolutions?

Besides exterior benefits of the work, there is much much more to the method. Much more that can go beyond your studio session and into your life. Pilates is based on several principles.

Key principles:

  • Awareness
  • Balance
  • Control
  • Efficiency
  • Precision
  • Breath
  • Concentration
  • Center
  • Flow
  • Harmony

These principles offer a good road map through the process, leading one through the internal process of transformation that manifests on every level- thus leading us to well being. First, awareness. Within a session you use awareness of your muscles and your body as you move through exercises, we use this same idea throughout our day and life. With awareness, change can start, ideas developed. Balance- balance between the left and the right, top and the bottom, balance between work, sleep, family, friends, spending. Control, we all need a little sometimes, whether it is in our habits, our attitude, sometimes we need a little control to set us up for good things ahead. Efficiency and precision, easy to get sidetracked- or easy for me. Learning to move in Pilates with these two ideas had helped me think a little more efficient. As a self confessed, “drag it out to the last minute” kind of gal, this is working its magic on me. Getting better all the time! Breath, learning to use the breath for movement, to calm us, to appreciate life. Concentration, center – well how can anything happen with out these elements. Flow, harmony- a little bit of this in life sets us up for all kind of good things.

See how possibility starting a Pilates practice in the new year could be turn out to be a little more than expected. Pilates Could Do More than Strengthen Tone and Stretch. Write those determination statements, goals and great ideas, then take a look into a Pilates session and see what can happen!

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