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Savor the Senses Rebecca Raiza

Besides Pilates, travel and adventure has always been a important part of life.  Starting with the summer vacations to the beach as a kid and the family subscription to National Geographic, by my teens I was venturing to unknown locations, each feeding my interest for more. Some how, some way, I managed to maneuver myself all over the world, all I needed was a plane ticket!  My dad once told me, when I was trying to make a decision after college of where I should move, he said, ” all you need to do is put the key in the ignition and go! “. Those words, I hang on to and will never forget. My dad has always been a advocate of my adventure, enjoying every story and photo.  When I went to India, the agreement was to call home every week. He had a map up on the wall and would pin where I was each time I called, he followed the trip as if he was on the journey. Naturally he and my mom, have been a huge support in my journey transitioning into a Pilates instructor, enjoying another adventure with me.

Savor the Senses Rebecca RaizaWhen I decided to embark on a new career as a instructor, a flexible schedule and incorporating travel into the new life was a dream idea. Last year, this idea started to blossom as I had the opportunity to participate in two trips.  The owner of my studio put together a sea kayaking, camping and whale watching trip to Baja, Mexico, which included Pilates. After a busy year completing my BASI certification program, this trip was my reward and indication that I could get back to the things I enjoy. The other a yoga retreat outside of Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, lead by a good friend, who offered to let me lead Pilates classes, showed me I could combine teaching with travel.  Both had a huge impact on creating a vision for combining the things I love, Pilates, travel and adventure.

I got busy and moved on some opportunities that presented themselves, first locking in a position to instruct Pilates and yoga with the company, Sea Kayak Adventures in Baja, Mexico. In November of last year, my yoga friend and I, successfully launched the Savor the Senses Retreats. We held the retreat in La Valle de Guadalupe in Baja, Mexico, with 12 amazing ladies as guests. It was a huge success combining yoga, Pilates, food, wine and a beautiful location. The raves about the retreat were above and beyond expectations and showed me that dreams and ideas do come true!

Our next Savor the Senses Retreat is set for April 5-7, 2014

As I prepare for my trip to La Paz for the 10 day combo kayaking, whale watching and camping adventure, I am a bit nervous, as it is my first time instructing in this type of environment. But more important, I am thinking about meeting and teaching to a new group of people from all over the world, sitting on the beach of a island in the beautiful blue Sea of Cortez, seeing whales in their natural habitat, taking hikes, eating Mexican food and drinking a good margarita. The amazing opportunity Pilates has offered me, to be on the mat and around the world, wow, how exciting!


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