Life Changing

Pilates has truly been a life changing activity for me. I have been a long distance runner for over 30 years and was never interested in non-aerobic exercise before. Working with Rebecca twice a week, I added Pilates to my routine and the difference is obvious.

The increase in strength and focus has helped me avoid injuries and increased my comfortable running pace from 9 minute miles to 8 minute miles.  The exercises tone the core and back as well as hips and thighs, giving you a complete body work out. And even better, once the effects of Pilates are seen and felt, your attention to diet automatically improves and making managing what you eat and portion size a natural extension of your fitness goals. As an instructor, Rebecca has an excellent eye for detail, making sure each exercise is done correctly so that maximum benefit is achieved, and she truly cares about your personal progress. My overall fitness has dramatically increased with the addition of Pilates and working with Rebecca . At 43 years old, I feel the best I ever have.

-Suzanne K. , Carlsbad, CA

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